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Family prosperity

和家陶 瓷营销总部位于建陶名都佛山石湾。秉承“以和为贵,与家共荣”的品牌经营理念,弘扬中国传统“和家”文化。其经典 时尚的瓷砖产品,为创造 现代美好家居生活贡献力量。

和为贵 家共荣

And marketing headquarters is located in the pottery Shiwan Ceramic names. Adhering to the "to and for you, and family prosperity" brand philosophy, carry forward Chinese traditional "home" culture. Its classic fashion ceramic tiles, to create the modern contribute to a better home life.



And the pottery was established in 2009

总部位 于广东省佛山市石湾雾岗路中段,是一家集研发、生产、销售于 一体的现代化大型企业。产品涵盖精工玻化石、奢华微晶石、全抛釉仿古砖、完全不 透水内墙砖等系列,数百款花色品种.
     公司拥 有两大生产基地,其中位 于陶瓷原料之乡广东省清远市佛冈县生产基地,占地面积达1200亩,现总投资已超过8亿元人民币。公司硬件设备先进,生产规模宏大,拥有先进的生产设施,全球最大的100T中铝球磨机、438米长的 全自动工控技术辊道窑,计算机控制系统的7200吨自动压机,全新高能量48头抛光线,年生产能力超过8000万平方米。

Headquartered in Foshan City, Guangdong Province Shiwan Wugang middle of the road, is a research and development, production and sales in one of the modern large-scale enterprises. Products include precision glass fossils, luxurious ceramic stone, the whole cast antique tiles glazed, completely impermeable wall tiles and other series, hundreds of varieties, is the specifications in one of the most complete ceramic production enterprises.
     The company has two production bases, which is located in Qingyuan City, Township, Guangdong Province Fogang ceramic raw materials production base, covers an area of 1,200 acres, the total investment is more than 800 million yuan. Company advanced hardware equipment, large-scale production, the world's top technology production facilities, the world's largest (100T) aluminum ball mill, 438 meters long roller kiln automatic industrial technology, computer control system 7200 tons automatic press, the new high energy 48 polishing line, annual production capacity of over 80 million square meters.


以和为贵 与家共荣

And for you and family prosperity

最近又 斥千万巨资引进意大利3D数码喷墨印花机,陶瓷印 花技术高居行业前例。另外位 于广东韶关新丰回龙华夏陶瓷生态工业园的第二生产基地,占地面积达2000亩,总投资超过10个亿。
     和家陶瓷秉承“以和为贵,与家共荣”的品牌经营理念,高度重 视产品质量和品牌形象,全面通过了ISO9001国际质 量管理体系认证和ISO14001国际环 境管理体系认证,获得3C认证,产品荣获“中国绿色、环保、节能建材产品”等荣誉称号。公司与意大利、西班牙 等多家国际知名公司保持长期紧密的合作,产品始 终保持较高水平,获得多项国家专利,以强劲 的研发创新能力闻名于业界,并荣获 广东省民营科技企业和广东省高新科技企业称号。

Recently denounced ten million heavily to introduce the world's advanced level of Italy on behalf of 3D digital inkjet printing machine, ceramic printing technology topped the industry precedent. Also located in Guangdong Shaoguan Xinfeng Huilong Chinese Ceramics EIPs second production base, covers an area of 2,000 acres, with a total investment of more than 10 billion.
     And home ceramics adhering to the "harmony is precious, and family prosperity" brand philosophy, attaches great importance to product quality and brand image, fully adopted the ISO9001 international quality management system certification and ISO14001 international environmental management system certification, 3C certification, product won the "polished top ten brands," new list "most engineering users Welcome Award", "China green, environmental protection, energy saving building materials" such as the honorary title. Companies with Italy, Spain and many other well-known international companies to maintain long-term close cooperation, products always maintain the leading international level, won several national patents, with its strong research and innovation capacity known in the industry, and won the private technology enterprises in Guangdong Province and Guangdong Province hi-tech enterprise.


Ceramics and home five advantages


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